Real Estate
Settlement Services

Closing & Settlement Services

  • Order title search for purchase or refinance
  • Order survey
  • Order payoff(s)
  • Coordinate subordination of liens
  • Order tax information
  • Contact HOA or COA regarding outstanding liens and collect HOA or COA prorated fees
  • Prepare title insurance binder for lender and borrower
  • Provide lender with insured closing letter
  • Provide wire instructions to lender
  • Resolve title issues and unreleased liens, foreclosure process when applicable
  • Resolve lien and judgment issues
  • Collect water escrow or obtain water reading
  • If appropriate, hold escrow for repairs or rent-back and provide escrow agreement
  • Schedule settlement with broker/lender, borrower/buyer, seller, and/or realtors
  • Confirm receipt of money from lender/others
  • Prepare preliminary HUD-1s for purchasers, sellers, lenders and/or realtors
  • Prepare HUD-1 pursuant to GFE and lender instructions
  • Distribute HUD-1 to lender, broker, borrower/buyer, seller, and/or realtors for review prior to closing
  • Disburse funds
  • Create lender package
  • Send payoffs by overnight mail
  • Prepare documents for recordation
  • Prepare releases and follow-up on releases due to Olde Key Title
  • Record releases and/or certificates of satisfaction
  • Prepare title insurance policies for lender and owner
  • Close out any escrow and security deposit accounts
  • Issue final title policy
  • Return original deed to buyer and original deed of trust to lender

Closing & Settlement Attorney Services

  • Review sales contract and other legal documents
  • Examine title and requirements necessary to convey insurable title, free and clear of any liens or judgments
  • Review survey and easements, encroachments, access or other issues
  • Confirm or obtain releases of unreleased mortgages and deeds of trust
  • Resolve title issues and chain of title issues, including verifying estates or foreclosures in chain of title were handled properly and have not created a "cloud on the title"
  • Resolve lien and judgment issues (obtain letters of indemnification from previous title companies)
  • Prepare subordination agreement if necessary
  • Draft escrow agreement or rent-back agreement if necessary
  • Prepare deed and any necessary affidavits required by the State of County for the Recorder of Deeds
  • Conduct closing and provide copies to appropriate parties

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