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Since 1987, the partners and associates at Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, McAuliffe, Rowan & Hartinger have earned and diligently worked to maintain a reputation as one of the best full service civil and criminal litigation law firms in the Maryland and Washington, DC area. Litigation requires the appropriate and timely reaction to a situation or event. The addition of Olde Key Title and the estate and probate practice those additional attorneys brought to this litigation firm allow even greater diversification for all of the attorneys as well as the ability to be proactive when appropriate. Olde Key Title enjoys the many benefits of being one of the few title companies backed by the strength of outstanding trial lawyers.

Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, McAuliffe, Rowan & Hartinger is general counsel to Olde Key Title. The law firm and title company complement one another in many ways. The firm’s areas of specialization include but are not limited to: civil and criminal litigation, mediation, arbitration, family, custody or divorce law, corporate and employment law, wills, estate planning and probate law, residential and commercial real estate transactional law, personal injury, medical malpractice law, as well as representation of municipalities, local and national, public and private corporate business entities.

Combining the law firm and title company made our practice unique and that much more capable of handling all of a client's needs in one place. Estate planning, probate, family law and many business matters often require real estate law expertise in order to implement the estate plan, buy out of a spouse by refinancing or assumption pursuant to a separation agreement, Court order trustee sale or corporate buy sell or other property agreements. Our clients save time and money as we can handle all of the details of such transactions, leaving no unfinished business or loose ends that would otherwise burden our clients. For example, if a client does estate planning through our law firm, our title company assists with “funding the trust” or retitling and recordation of deeds to any trusts as needed. In a domestic matter, the title company prepares and records deeds between spouses, and can also facilitate buy outs (with cash or by way of refinances) between spouses by drafting contracts consistent with agreements or Court orders, carefully handling each settlement as the unique situation it is, while adhering to the very specific terms of any Court of legal agreements. If a client requests a deed adding his or her children to the title to his or her real estate, we educate the client on the possible capital gains and gift tax implications as well as the risk of clouding title (thereby making it impossible to sell or refinance without payment of the lien clouding the title) if a judgment was obtained against one of the owners of the property.

The attorneys and staff at Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, McAuliffe, Rowan & Hartinger and Olde Key Title consider it a privilege to assist you. Word of mouth is the best source of referrals; we work very hard to provide clients the best possible service for the most reasonable fee. We welcome your constructive input as we strive to earn and retain your loyalty and trust.

Rockville Office: 33 Wood Lane Rockville, Maryland 20850 (T) (301) 762-1696 (F) (301) 762-7691 (E) [email protected]

Frederick Office: 100 North Court Street Frederick, Maryland 21701 (T) (301) 698-8182 (F) (301) 831-4318 (E) [email protected]

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