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Serving Maryland and the District of Columbia from offices located in Frederick and Rockville, Maryland, Olde Key Title has built a reputation for excellence based on knowledge gained by experience, reliability, and genuine harmony of staff and services forming the foundation of the law firm and title company.  Nothing falls through the cracks at Olde Key; we work as a team to provide the best service possible.

Consistency in quality of professional services at Olde Key is provided by the reassuring presence of its founder, Lynn Caudle Boynton, Esq., long-time associate and settlement processor, Karen Phillips, staff members and closers Grace M. Garrett, Kathe M. Hackney and Evelyn Padilla (habla Español), and the legal counsel of EQKMR&H attorneys Scott M. Hartinger, Timothy C. Price, Patricia Healy Rose, Maureen M. Renehan and Caryn S. Wetmore.

This tenure and continuity of support staff combined with an experienced legal team, the latest innovative technology, and extensive knowledge of the ever-changing federal, state and county laws affecting the purchase, sale and ownership of real estate, allow Olde Key Title to anticipate potential problems and circumvent or minimize any negative impact early on in the settlement process. Our goal is for our clients to be well informed before making what can amount to life altering decisions.  We work very hard to assure our clients there are no surprises at settlement.  Further, Olde Key is a title company that is always accountable to our clients and referral sources.  We do our work the old fashioned way and always follow through until all issues are resolved.  Before or after settlement, Olde Key is there for you.

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Any questions should be directed to:
Lynn Caudle Boynton
Phone: (301) 294-3333
Fax: (301) 294-4905

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