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With over 25 years of experience and more than 20,000 closings, Olde Key Title, a Maryland title company led by founder and real estate attorney, Lynn Caudle Boynton, continues to provide unprecedented real estate settlement services at an exceptional value to a diverse list of residential and commercial real estate clients. Read more

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Any questions should be directed to:
Lynn Caudle Boynton
Phone: (301) 294-3333
Fax: (301) 294-4905


* Disclaimer: The $100.00 discount coupon only applies in Maryland transactions if you purchase owner's coverage




FREE Specific Power of Attorney (MS Word Document) - This form is to be used by purchasers or sellers in sales and/or borrowers in refinances






Paperless Closer

Process and close a mortgage transaction almost entirely online. 

Closing Cost Tools

Calculators Estimate the costs of your hypothetical transactions, plan and budget, and compare closing costs.

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Blog Visit the blog for more information on professional real estate settlement closings and more.

Olde Key Title: Your key to successful real estate closings and settlements!

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